Dirty Martini, with fried blue cheese stuffed green olives and honey

A number of chefs at independent or small chain restaurants are also innovating with salt and sweet as a way to add interest and increase sales at the bar.
At Tamo Bistro & Bar at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, chef Robert Tobin accidentally created the Dirty Martini, a salty and sweet combo of fried blue cheese stuffed olives served with honey harvested from the hotel’s rooftop beehives. Initially, Tobin was just making the fried blue cheese stuffed olives, but after a first taste he thought they were too salty. He tried several variations in cheese, olives and crust, but nothing solved the problem. Then, while making a spicy-and-sweet dip, Tobin tried some honey and knew it was a perfect solution.

“What is better than warm, sweet honey with a contrast of salt flavor?” said Tobin.  “It all becomes balanced, but the salt brings out the sweetness of the honey and vice versa; the savory flavor of the olives is enhanced by the honey.”

Part of the hotel’s rotating Nibble & Bits snack menu, Tobin says the Dirty Martini is among one of the most popular items precisely because customers love the flavor profiles of salty, savory and sweet.cost-of–without-insurance

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