World table olive production trends

As indicated in the Market Newsletter (Nr.75 June 2013) of the International Olive Council:

20130712_graphFocus on table olives: world estimates for 2012/13
Estimated at 2 422 000 t, world table olive production in the 2012/13 crop year is expected to be similar to
the level of the season before. Aggregate output will be lower in the EU producing countries, going down by
2 pc compared with 2011/12. Itemised scrutiny reveals that production in Spain (482 000 t) and Italy
(74 000 t) will decrease by 8 pc and 3 pc respectively whereas in Greece (160 000 t) and Portugal (9 100 t) it
will increase by respective rates of 23 pc and 1 pc. Looking at production in the non-EU member countries of
the IOC, Turkey (410 000 t) is expected to record 2 pc growth and lies in second position in the world
production ranking after Spain. Next is Egypt with an output of 375 000 t (-2 pc on 2011/12), Algeria with
175 000 t (+20 pc), Argentina with 60 000 t (-60 pc), Iran with 39 000 t (+11 pc) and Jordan with 28 000 t
(+8 pc).
World consumption of table olives is assessed at 2 521 500 t, down by 1 pc on the season-before level when
consumption reached 2 554 500 t. The biggest decreases are expected in the EU countries where aggregate
consumption looks set to be 628 600 t, i.e. an average 6 pc lower than the season before (Spain: -17 pc;
France: -1 pc; other EU countries: -8 pc). The exception is Greece where consumption is expected to be +20
pc higher. Elsewhere in the IOC Members, consumption goes down in Egypt (-4 pc) and Israel (-5 pc) but up
in Algeria (+4 pc), Iran (+9 pc) and Jordan (+24 pc). In the rest of the countries, consumption in 2012/13 is
lying at similar levels to 2011/12. (More in Newsletter-June_2013-ENGLISH)

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