Chef Stefanie Martin at the PC Cooking School

Experience A Night in the Middle East with Chef Stefanie Martin at the PC Cooking School on August 14
middle-east-1-640x426During a visit to Israel and Palestine this past March, Elaine McCarthy was fortunate to enjoy some amazing Middle Eastern foods

The Middle East is comprised of 18 countries and 12 languages and is the birthplace for major religions that are practiced worldwide. It’s a very economically, politically, culturally and religiously sensitive area and the conflict there has been felt for generations. One thing that the people of the Middle East — Jews, Muslims, Christians and all people in-between — can agree on is that the food is amazing and was part of the “clean eating” diet well before it became a major food trend elsewhere.

References to olives, garlic, honey, mint, figs and dates are found in the Torah, Quran, and the Bible. The most commonly used proteins in that region are lamb, chicken, and fish. While both Islam and Judaism forbid the consumption of pork, tilapia is found naturally in the Sea of Galilee — where the fishermen still use nets similar to the ones that the disciples in the Bible were said to have used. Olives, olive oil, pita, honey, dates, sesame seeds, sumac, chickpeas, and yoghurt are used daily throughout the region.

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